New Trailer for Dan Krauss’ “The Kill Team” (2013)


On the heels of the Grand Jury Prize win for a Documentary at Tribeca 2013, we get a new trailer for the documentary “The Kill Team” which was picked up for distribution by Oscilloscope Laboratories and slated for a very limited release on July 25th.

The film follows Private Adam Winfield recalling his time in Afghanistan, who as part of a platoon accused of horrific acts against Afghani civilians, attempted to alert the military brass to what was occurring. Not only did his pleads fall on deaf (or disinterested) ears, but he soon became the subject of death threats leading to a moral crisis the culmination of which would force him into a decision that would forever change his life.

Check it out.


Oh, Hell Yes. ‘Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery’ Gets A Blu-Ray Birthday


For all of you completists out there, Twin Peaks is not only getting the Blu-Ray treatment but also a plethora of extras. Creator David Lynch has overseen the new Blu-Ray release of his beloved series, which contains not only both seasons of the television show but also Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, complete with a whopping 90 minutes of deleted scenes.

The series and film have been released numerous times in the past but this set is rumored to be the most definitive so far.  Naturally, I will be haunting my local DVD retailers on July 29th when the set is slated to hit the stores.

Check out the Blu-Ray trailer released from Entertainment Weekly.


Seattle Film Festival Highlight: John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’


“I’m gonna kill you, father.”  If you’re a priest, surely not the first thing you want to hear upon entering the confessional.  Calvary, John Michael McDonagh‘s newest film tells the story of how a good-natured Irish priest, played by Brendan Gleeson, tries to save his own life by uncovering the source of those threatening words as dark forces close in around him.

Gleeson and McDonagh teamed up once before for 2011’s The Guard, which gained it’s fair share of notoriety.  Calvary is poised to repeat the fervor with not only early glowing critical reviews, but also a first-class cast which includes Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes), Aidan Gillen (The Wire) and Dylan Moran (Black Books).

This year, SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) will be screening the film twice, June 7th at Siff Cinema Uptown and June 8th at Harvard Exit.  For more information, check out SIFF’s detail page here.

Slavoj Zizek: ‘They Live’ and the “Trash Can of Ideology”-Clip from Pervert’s Guide to Ideology


Directed by Sophie Fiennes and written and narrated by philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (2012) is a sequel to Fienne’s 2006 The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema and follows Zizek’s examinations of ideologies that color our perceptions and shape how we behave, all within the context of film/filmmakers and the ideas they construct and broadcast to greater society.

While one can easily get lost within the thick philosophical fog that is Slavoj Zizek’s “Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”, the opening sequence of Zizek’s examination of John Carpenter‘s “They Live“is simply required viewing for anyone even remotely interested in ’70s & ’80s Carpenter or ever pondered why the director chose to construct a nine-minute fight sequence between the two protagonists of the film in a littered alleyway.

Board Game ‘Go’ Becomes A Bloodsport in New Trailer For Korean Film ‘The Divine Move’


A revenge flick that’s centered around the board game Go….  Yes, please.  The Divine Move, directed by Jo Bum-Gu and starring Jung Woo-Sung, spins a tale of revenge about a professional Go player who is framed for the murder of his own brother.  The movie, originally titled Shinui Hansoo (translated literally means “God’s One Move”),  is scheduled for release in South Korea in July.

Folks, the trailer is worth a watch, especially for the shirtless match that erupts in martial-arts mayhem.

Watch A Clip From Mike Leigh’s “Mr. Turner”


Premiering at Cannes, Mike Leigh‘s long awaited new film Mr. Turner, chronicles the life of famed British painter, J.M.W. Turner.  The film is said to focus on the latter part of the gentleman’s life, which was eventful, to say the least.  Turner was responsible for elevating landscape painting to high art and as with most innovators, he was either loved or hated and rarely anything in-between.  His reputation was formed not only from his revolutions in art but also from his personal antics, which Mr. Leigh will no doubt highlight in the film.

Appearing in the film are a couple of Mike Leigh veterans, Timothy Spall and much to my own personal delight, LesleyManville, who gave one of the best two-minute performances as an adoption counselor in Leigh’s Secrets and Lies.

I recommend you check out the new clip from the film since the release date is not expected on our shores until December of this year.

“Attention, Filmmakers: There’s a New Indie Film Fund That Wants to See Your Project”: IndieWire

Taylor Lindsay from IndieWire writes: “A new film funding initiative launched today, promising to invest $12 million. However, as with all good things, there are a few strings attached.

“Thunder Funder” from Thunder Studios plans to provides $12 million in services, not capital, at a rate of $1 million per film. To create Thunder Funder, Rodric David, CEO of Thunder Studios, enlisted the following equipment and services companies: Pace Pictures (post production services), Red Digital Cinema (camera equipment), and Cassian Elwes of Elevated Film Sales (distribution)…

“Most independent films suffer from a lack of resources, which ultimately impacts a film’s overall production quality,” said David in a statement. “The Thunder Funder initiative empowers the filmmaker with all the tools required to present audiences with a film that is truly the best it can be.”

Read more from IndieWire here.