Harlan Ellison Scripted Episode of ‘The Outer Limits’ to get Feature Release

oltitleAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Derrickson (Sinister/Marvel’s Doctor Strange) and C. Robert Cargill have signed up to pen the script for a feature film based on a single episode of “The Outer Limits” television series that ran in the 1960’s.

“Demon With a Glass Hand”, written by science-fiction scribe and legend Harlan Ellison, received two awards back in the day: the 1965 Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Script for a Television Anthology and the 1972 Georges Melies Fantasy Film Award for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement in Science Fiction Television.


The episode focuses on a man with no memory of his life before the past ten days and whose hand has been removed and replaced by an advanced hand-shaped computer. The machine demands that three of the fingers (now missing) be reattached before the man will be told what has happened to him and why he is being hunted by a group of humanoid aliens, the Kyben.


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