The Guardian (UK): Stephen King damns Shelley Duvall’s character in film of The Shining

the-shining-shelly-duvall-4Finally.  Jeeeesus H. Chriminy.

“Promoting his sequel to The Shining, King says that Stanley Kurbick’s version of Wendy Torrance is ‘one of the most misogynistic characters ever put on film”


Letters of Note: Neo-Nazis, Syphilis, and World War III

Phillip K. Dick, who happens to be a fave of mine, may be gone, but still inspires with his crazy-ass theories.  Now, if we can only find that missing animatronic PKD that was stolen from a comic-con years back (yes, the full-sized one a couple of Dick-heads built that could carry on a conversation with you–YouTube it.)  Think before you drop, people.

Letters of Note: Neo-Nazis, Syphilis, and World War III.

BAFTALA-British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles to Honor Benedict Cumberbatch


“BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to announce that Benedict Cumberbatch will be the recipient of this year’s BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year, presented at the annual gala ceremony in November.”

“Benedict Cumberbatch has had a remarkable year, and as one of the UK’s leading talents he truly exemplifies the continued respect that British talents have garnered around the globe,” says Gary Dartnall, Chairman, BAFTA Los Angeles. “Masterfully performing in TV, Film and Theatre and never failing to astound us with his talent and versatility, BAFTA Los Angeles is proud to honor Benedict as our British Artist of the Year.”,3916,BA.html

BFI (British Film Institute): The Epic of Everest announced as LFF Archive Gala

Thanks to the glorious blog at Silent London, I learned of the BFI’s plans to release Captain John Noel’s, The Epic of Everest on October 18, 2013 at their LFF Archive Gala event for the 57th BFI London Film Festival.  The film will be shown with a rare live orchestration of Simon Fisher Turner’s new score in anticipation of the BFI’s release of the film on Blu ray.

epic of everest

From the BFI website: “Robin Baker, Head Curator, BFI National Archive said:

This is one of the greatest treasures of the BFI National Archive. It represents a key moment in the history of mountaineering and remains an enduring monument to (George) Mallory and (Andrew) Irvine. This film is a precious record of endurance and is a powerful piece of cinema now beautifully restored to show how Everest was so nearly conquered. It is highly appropriate to present the film now, just sixty years since Everest was finally conquered by a British expedition and one hundred years since Captain John Noel, the film’s director, first set eyes on the mountain itself.”

This is exciting, especially with the buzz surrounding various projects in the works concerning Everest.  One is entitled simply Everest with Tom Hardy confirmed as George Mallory, the climber who attempted to summit Everest multiple times in the 1920’s, to be released some time next year.  There is also the recent news of Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jason Clarke rumored to be circling a project similarly titled, Everest, about another, more recent, ill-fated, 1996 expedition to summit Everest as detailed in the superb book, “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.

The Epic of Everest promises a candid glimpse into the Mallory expedition. There is also an intimate peek (possibly condescending–this was the Brit colonialism era of the 20’s) into the lives of the neighboring sherpas.  These are the Tibetan locals who actually live the life of mountaineers and, in most cases, are paid to accompany a visiting climbing party, carry their gear up the face of Everest and mark the safest ascent route before their clients.  Essentially…the real badasses.

Despite not being able to witness the live accompaniment, I do look forward to this release on Blu ray in anticipation of the glory of Everest as it has never been seen and in viewing the official account of Mallory’s ill-fated, but legendary expedition.  His is one story that goes far to exemplify the spirit of British climbing in the early part of the twentieth century.